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Nepal—This villege is Mahato ethnic group, part of Koiri caste. First visit after identified as pregnant. Subsample team Keshab Dhakal (RT), and Rajeshwari Kafle (center) take blood pressure and pulse, draws blood; pregnant woman, Phulo Devi Singh Mahato (LT), covers face with shawl out of modesty, then winces as blood is drawn. She doesn’t know her age, guesses 18 to 20. (She’s daughter in law and thus its improper for her to mix with outsiders. This is the wife of a 50ish mothers younger of two sons. The mother in law or sasu, Phuljhari Devi (not in this photo), a severe woman in a white and orange sari and with green wrist bangles, watches, holding three grandchildren. Asked about vitamins, she says: What can I say? I think its okay. Its fine. Photo by Chiaki Kawajiri

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